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Acuity Mark

MLP:FIM (If you don’t know what it is, Google it) posed an interesting trope concerning destiny. When someone came of age, they grew a ‘mark’ that served as a metaphorical representation of their personality and/or special talents. Simple examples include apples for an apple farmer to a clef for someone attuned to music, while a more cryptic example is blooming flowers for a kindergarten teacher who excels at brining about the best in her young students.

Now imagine if we had that, and all the blessings/horrors that would spawn from its existence. Imagine…

…if we all knew what activities our brains and bodies were born to be best at

…if we all knew what we would be happiest doing

…if we were forced, merely for the sake of efficiency, to do what we were created to do

…if we ended up hating what we were destined to be

You really have to pity the poor soul who ends up hating what they should love most. Or worry about society looking down on you for not being ‘the best you can be’ just because you like gardening over piano. Or marvel at the massive burden lifted from young people’s shoulders as they worry day and night what they should be when they grow up or which degree to pursue. Think of the money businesses would save training people, when that specific activity comes naturally to the employee.

And think of those lost and left behind because there wasn’t any money in what they were ‘destined’ to do, and they’re down to scrubbing toilets for the rest of their days. Because hey, someone’s got to clean the can. And I doubt anyone was born to be the best at doing that.

Just something to think about.

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